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Wild List of Vata Imbalances

Updated: 3 days ago

Have you wondered if you might have a Vata imbalance? 30 signs and symptoms of Vata imbalances in the body and mind and 20 resources to help you maintain or regain dosha balance. Even if your primary dosha is Pitta or Kapha, you may still have excess Vata in your body and mind. Here's our list of the most common Vata imbalances.

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What is Vata Dosha?

Vata: Governs Movement

Vata dosha is characterized by space and air. The essential engine of the universe, Vata governs all functions of movement within the mind, body, and outer world. Like the elements it embodies, Vata’s physical properties are cold, dry, mobile, subtle, and light.

Vata’s powerful mobile nature is the source of creativity, expansion, openness, eagerness, and ingenuity. However, when Vata falls out of balance, we may feel scattered, ungrounded, tense, and anxious.

Wild List of Vata Imbalances

30 Signs of Vata Imbalances


  • Dry skin, hair, lips, joints

  • Dry digestive tract: gas, bloat, constipation

  • Dry, scanty, irregular periods, or absent flow. When your period is present, imbalanced Vata manifests as anxiety, insomnia, sharp or stinging cramps, and blood discoloration

  • General sense of feeling cold, hands and feet especially

  • Poor circulation

  • Tight muscles, twitches, muscle spasms and feeling clenched

  • Tics and tremors

  • Aches and pains here, there, and everywhere at times

  • Palpitations, tinnitus

  • Dehydration

  • Weight loss, difficulty gaining weight, and weight loss and hair loss

  • Fidgeting or other extra movement

  • Dislike of cold and wind

  • Difficulty with loud noises

  • Light, interrupted sleep

  • Difficulty sleeping, with waking, or difficulty and staying asleep

  • Feeling weak, fatigued, loss of vitality

  • Astringent taste, dryness in the mouth

  • Sense of wanting to run or runaway

  • Lack of focus or forgetful

  • Difficulty concentrating, remembering

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  • Anxiety, nervousness

  • Panic attacks, fear

  • Restless, agitated

  • Dizziness

  • Feeling ungrounded, spacey, scattered, overwhelmed

  • Excess worrying and thinking in general (“cannot shut my mind off, it just keeps talking.’)

  • Feeling sped-up, racing mind

  • Confused, shaky

  • Excessive talking

This is a partial list of excess Vata in the mind and excess Vata in the body.

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Tools for Grounding Vata

How to Ground Vata and Reduce Body (and Mind) Dryness with Ayurveda

20 Resources for Balancing Vata:

Curious about Ayurveda, but not sure where to start? Book a Free Ayurveda Consultation to learn more about our customized Ayurveda Consultation packages. In this 15-minute call, we’ll explore Ayurveda as a compass for a physically and mentally balanced, healthy life.

Saumya Ayurveda's 3 steps for transforming your daily life with woman meditating by a lake

3 Steps for Grounding Vata

There is a saying, "The mind is more in the body, than the body is in the mind." The Saumya 3 step meditation process shifts us from fight-flight-freeze mode, to rest-restore-relax mode. Give it a try for forty days and observe the changes. The more grounded and relaxed we are, the smoother life flows.

"The breath is the connection between the mind and body, so by training the breath, we become calm, focused, and grounded, we slow down the aging process by decreasing stress. These practices are so simple and easy to have as part of our daily life. We actually feel and look younger."

- Veena, Saumya Ayurveda

1. Learn Diaphragmatic Breathing and Change Your Life. When we re-learn to breath diaphragmatically, we move from the flight-fight-freeze mode, to rest, restore, relaxation mode from where we want and need to live.

2. Daily Guided Practices: 11 minutes in the morning and in the evening, as anchors of your daily Ayurveda routine.

"Choose a couple of practices from the routines that provide you with the greatest support. Perform them while applying our two minute meditation technique and your mundane tasks, just transformed into a mellifluous meditation. This is meditation applied to daily life." - Veena, Saumya Ayurveda


"Veena was able to help me regain my energy in just a few months and I’m feeling like my “young” self again! I love the food plan she designed for me, and all the supporting practices (am/pm routines, breathing techniques, herbs, and spice mixes) are so enjoyable to incorporate into my day. I highly recommend Saumya Ayurveda if you want to feel better and have more vitality.”

-Molly Rossini, Minnesota

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“I feel much, much better. Amazing. I feel ten years younger and at 76, that really matters. Digestive issues are totally 100% gone. Not an issue at all. I feel great! Blood sugar and lifelong sinus issues, much better.” -Kathy B., Minneapolis, Minnesota


“Oh, golly way, way improved. Stress fell off like an old hairy coat, I’m just not anxious. Depression is way decreased. There just nothing there. I was haunted by anxiety whole life, and it’s just gone.”

--Mark Hughes, Minnesota


“I have implemented small changes that you recommended. I'm ecstatic to report that all my anxiety has completely disappeared. It feels like magic! I was not expecting such a speedy turnaround in my overall outlook and mental wellbeing, but the best way I can describe it is feeling infinitely more balanced, which has seeped into all areas of my life - work, home, personal relationships, etc. I will keep implementing small changes and building healthy habits.” –Anonymous, USA

You may recognize a few signs of aggravated Vata in our Wild List of Vata Imbalances. To learn how to remove excess Vata, book your FREE discovery call today.

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Discover the Saumya Ayurveda Way

We all want to be heard, understood, and cared for as whole beings, not a set of isolated symptoms. True health is more than the absence of disease, which is why Western medicine so often leaves us feeling hopeless and unseen.

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Veena at Saumya Ayurveda

Veena is a Certified Ayurvedic Practitioner and meditation teacher, and monk.

She is President Emeritus and teaching faculty of the Meditation Center.

Veena fell in love with the traditional medicine used in her family’s home, learning herbal remedies at her grandmother's knee.

These childhood experiences were the seeds of a lifelong passion. For over 30 years, Veena has dedicated her life to the world’s oldest healing system: Ayurveda.

She draws on this ancient wisdom to help others find their compass to a healthy life – and support those left wanting by Western medicine.

An experienced Certified Ayurvedic Practitioner, Veena’s deep, intuitive knowledge of Ayurveda empowers her clients to reclaim their fullest, most vibrant lives –mentally, physically, and spiritually. Veena individualizes treatment plans to each person, rather than offering a one-size-fits-all approach, so it fits your life and becomes woven in your lifestyle, naturally.


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