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“Veena is a blessing, such a rich resource.

I am eternally grateful to her for anchoring me to my present state of health and peacefulness and for helping me to embark on a path towards the balance we all are striving for."

- Gauri Nagargoje, M.D., Minnesota

"Veena helped me develop a plan to address my eczema, and now I am thankfully eczema free!"

Rachael R.

Minneapolis, Minnesota



Panditji Dabral


Erin, Alberta, Canada

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Angie D.

"To know about Ayurveda, contact Saumya Ayurveda, Veenaji is there--because when it comes to chakras, (spiritual practices) it is constantly emphasized to consider what you eat, how you eat, as this supports a solid, concrete meditation practice. You don’t want anything to become a source of hinderance in your practice.

Being an expert Ayurvedic doctor, there are now very few because it requires knowledge of the scriptures, the medicine, but it also requires a great deal of being a sadhaka. Without being a sadhaka, an Ayurvedic physician is not a true physician.

Because the medicine of Ayurveda is not simply the medicine, it is much, much more than simply medicine. The name itself says it, the knowledge, wisdom, the Veda, to know, all about Ayu, life.

When you consult with a knowledgeable Ayurvedic doctor, then your body, mind, and your pranic body operate optimally and your sadhana becomes easier, your practice becomes enjoyable.”

"Signing up for a for a Wellness Consultation with Veena, I was hopeful that my mood would improve, that my energy would return and that I would feel like myself again. What I didn't expect was how simple it would be to get there. Veena's plan explains everything so clearly and I'm starting to feel better. I'm also learning how I got out of balance in the first place.


With obvious knowledge and ease of experience, my plan is thoughtfully laid out in supportive steps that actually takes less time and are far less stressful than if I was trying to it on my own. And with warmth and humor, Veena has alleviated the pressure and guilt I often feel when I am unwell. I am excited for what is possible and grateful I found her, and I think you will be too."

“I was tired of seeking advice from mainstream medical professionals, even my beloved midwives. I have long had heavy periods, but think took a turn a couple years ago, getting even heavier. As a result of so much blood loss, I had become highly anemic, irritable, sleeping restlessly, hooked on morning coffee, and suffering through bloating, craping, and spotting for a good chunk of the month.


With Veena’s help, things are getting aligned. I am now a firm believer that:  A.) She definitely knows what is talking about and B.) Ayurvedic medicine can be trusted.


I am grateful to have found Veena!”


Allison F., Minneapolis, Minnesota


Angela, White Bear Lake, Minnesota


Anne R., Minneapolis, Minnesota

"I've been working with Veena with the Wellness Consultation package, and I have found her compassion and knowledge extremely helpful. Basically, I had symptoms that my doctor thought, oh no big deal, or hey just take these pills, ran tests that were inconclusive, so I needed answers. I knew some things were not right. When I went to her, she right away had ideas and she built a comprehensive plan, and I felt a lot of relief and very satisfied with her services--and she's an awesome person."

"I've had the privilege of working with Veena for over ten years, so I have gone through many phases of life with her. So, I've gone through many different phases of life with her. Every time a something new comes up, a new challenge, a new life event whether it's having young children or a job, or a change in family like getting a new animal, she has helped me navigate those changes through very gentle methods. Using herbs, teas, and truly food as medicine.

I have been able to calm my central nervous system, calm and rev up my digestive system, which when your body is working correctly and as it should, it makes the rest of life simpler, easier, more comfortable. I always know if I need a little tune up or help, even if it was some travel and I needed an herbal oil to ground me so I wouldn't be nauseous when I landed, that Veena would have the solution."

"Veena is a gem. She's a fountain of knowledge. If there is anything to know about Ayurvedic medicine, she can certainly share it with you in her online consultations.


Her blogs and website have so much information that I found extremely helpful. Veena is also very approachable. I think Ayurveda can feel intimidating especially for someone like me who is new to the practice and learning about it. I appreciated how she broke it down for me and gave me ways to incorporate it me bit by bit.


Also, Veena is very available. She's easy to book appointments and hop online with her and talk through something that is seasonal or episodic, like your Seasonal Consultations, or something that came up in your life--she's there for you."

"Since starting the Ayurvedic diet with Veena, it's been helping me with my menstrual cycle, blood clots, cramps, and PMS. And my skin is the clearest it has ever been!"

Rose K.

Minneapolis, Minnesota