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Seasonal Cleanses

After completing your foundational Ayurveda package, consider a seasonal Ayurveda cleanse.


Our bodies and minds build up ama - toxins and energetic gunk - as we move throughout the world. Every day, we’re assaulted with more than we can digest: food, stimulation, stress, environmental pollutants... the list goes on and on. 


An ounce of prevention? What a difference it makes! Regular cleansing helps us reset, repair, rest, and rejuvenate. When the tsunami of stimulation ceases, our bodies and minds know what to do. In the gentle slowness of cleansing time – we heal. 

It’s ama-ditching time. Let’s do this.

Kapha Winter/Early Spring Cleanse Kit


Custom Program + Cleanse Support: $500

Herbalized Oils: $150 + S/H

Pitta Summer
Cleanse Kit


Custom Program + Cleanse Support: $500

Herbalized Oils: $150 + S/H

Vata Fall
Cleanse Kit


Custom Program + Cleanse Support: $500

Herbalized Oils: $150 + S/H

“I was looking for a home cleansing program and Saumya Ayurveda delivered! I work full time, have a family, sports, commute... and this cleanse was manageable! I had such a positive cleanse experience; I plan to do it again and I have it on my planner already." 


- A.B., White Bear Lake, MN

One 7-Day Cleanse, 3 Times a Year

Seasonal transitions are the ideal time to cleanse, purify and rejuvenate. Not only are we reducing excess dosha from the preceding season, we’re preparing for the next to maintain optimal health. 


Our 7-day detox programs are designed for deep, gentle, effective cleansing to restore dosha balance, support overall well-being, and enhance metabolism. Rather than a one-size-fits-all approach, we personalize your program to match your full, rich, and busy life. 


We’ll begin with a 30-minute intake chat to discuss where you’re at currently, your goals, and seasonal challenges for this time of year. You’ll also receive guidance on how to prepare mentally, physically, and spiritually for your cleanse.


Your custom cleanse kit includes six Ayurvedic herbal oils refined specifically to suit you and delivered right to your door. You’ll receive: 


  • Nasya Oil (1 oz)

  • Tikta Ghee (9oz)

  • Swooshing Oil (8 oz)

  • Castor Oil (4oz)

  • Extra Virgin Sesame Oil (16oz)

  • Tri Doshic Massage Oil (8oz)


In addition to these top-tier Ayurvedic oils, we provide:

  • A written program that breaks down your custom Ayurvedic cleanse step-by-step

  • Food as Medicine recipes

  • Free guided meditations

  • Email or phone support on the main cleanse days (about 15 minutes/day)

  • A post-cleanse consultation to assess your results (30 minutes)


Traditional Ayurvedic cleansing begins with a pre-cleanse preparation phase, followed by the detox period, and you’ll be gently guided in the final phase, post cleanse re-entry and rejuvenation. 

Fall Cleanse


The shift from summer to fall can give us energetic whiplash. While fiery Pitta builds up in warmer months, breezy autumn makes the winds of Vata rise.

As Vata increases, you may become anxious, constipated, and scattered after feeling great all summer. 

Ease into cooler months, support the digestive fire, and bolster your immune system against winter illness with a custom fall cleanse. 

Winter/Early Spring Cleanse


Spring is a time of transformation – winter’s accumulated Kapha begins to melt, Vata’s movement stirs with gusty spring winds, and warming days arouse fiery Pitta. 


Without a little extra effort to stay balanced, we start feeling gunked up, lethargic, foggy – and, simply, blah.


Give your mind and body a fresh start as the world shifts dramatically around you with a custom winter cleanse.

Summer Cleanse


Summer can flare up fiery Pitta throughout our entire being. As temperatures rise and life gets busier and more intense, we tend to burn up and burn out.


When Pitta increases, you’ll feel it. Inflammation, irritation, and aggravation rule the roost. 


Your summer cleanse kit will help you to beat the heat, - wherever you live - so you can feel your best.

Can't Make Your Appointment?

Saumya Ayurveda requires 24-hour notice for canceled or rescheduled services. Last-minute no-shows, cancellations, and rescheduled appointments will be charged up to $175 per session. 


Our cancellation policy helps keep us all accountable – but life happens! Please let us know if you have a family emergency, and we’ll do our best to accommodate you.


To cancel or reschedule: become a Site Member and log in on the upper right corner of the website. Go to “My Bookings” to make changes to your scheduled appointment. 

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