Shadow on Concrete Wall

Create and carry a relaxed awareness with you throughout your day

Part 1: Guided Practices

Rest, relax and restore with these FREE Saumya Ayurveda guided practices. 

2 Minute Meditation

Short on time or need a quick reset? Try this 2-minute guided relaxation meditation. 

Listen to it every few hours, once a day, or as often as needed to calm your mind and relax your body.

Systematic Relaxation

Take care of your health and well-being with this 11-minute guided systematic relaxation.

This session is specifically designed to activate your relaxation response--the rest, restore and relax part of the nervous system

Full Moon Progressive Relaxation

Recorded outside during a full moon, this practice will help you let go and be here and now.

Find a quiet space and enjoy this 11-minute session.

Shadow on Concrete Wall

Part 2: Advancing Practices

Directly after you complete one of the guided practices from above, move forward with this 31 Point Blue Star Guided Meditation. 

31 Point Blue Star Guided Meditation

Begin with a guided session in Part 1. Now, continue on with 31 Point Blue Star guided meditation. Deepen your inner stillness with this advancing practice. Carry this relaxed awareness with you moment to moment.