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Follow Up + Seasonal Consultations

While your foundational Ayurveda plan is comprehensive – things change! We change. Seasons change. We shift into new stages of life. Start new jobs. Move to new cities. Follow-up consultations keep your Ayurveda plan aligned with your dynamic life.


Ongoing care is the key to getting the most from Ayurveda. Just like you go to the doctor for a checkup a few times a year, make a habit of checking in on your Ayurveda plan. 


While seasonal transitions are an excellent time to book a follow-up, it's always the right time to check in on your progress, especially if you’re experiencing major life changes. 

Let’s keep those doshas balanced! Book a 60-minute follow-up today to dig in deep, or opt for a 30-minute session.

“A follow-up with Veena is like a much-needed tune-up, and every time I remember how optimal I can feel. I look forward to having her at my side for many years to come.”   

– Lindsey Madhavi Ruder, Texas

60 Minute Consultation

$150 | 1 Session

30 Minute Consultation

$100 | 1 Session

Available Payment Options

When it's time to book your service, you've got options! Pay in full with a debit card, credit card, or HSA–or opt for a budget-friendly payment plan via PayPal. Simply sign into your PayPal account at checkout to view the options available to you. *Saumya Ayurveda does not determine PayPal installment plan options. 

An Once of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure

While your foundational plan will take you a long way, you'll benefit from tweaking your program to best support you throughout the year. During your follow ups, we’ll cover a lot of ground, including:

1. Herbal Check-In

The herbs you started with are not intended to be used indefinitely. Our approach is to use the fewest herbs, for the shortest amount of time, and get you balanced!


In your herbal check-in, we’ll review your current protocol and tweak your dosages and formulas as needed. It might even be time to stop certain herbals. Your protocol is designed to gently and effectively support you.


2. Food Program Review

You’ve already learned Food is Medicine, but our bodies and minds are always changing. We’ll check in on how things are progressing, and make small changes to your Food Program as needed. 


3. Add to your Ayurvedic Lifestyle Tools

 Once you’ve integrated your foundational plan, it’s time to add to your lifestyle toolkit and expand your Ayurveda knowledge. We’ll explore in-depth aspects we can add to your plan to move you deeper into your healing path.

A note: follow-up care is particularly essential for clients traversing perimenopause and menopause. This phase of life (which can last decades) is marked by profound hormonal and doshic changes. Your needs shift constantly and drastically during this period, especially during seasonal transitions. Regular follow-ups help prevent imbalances to keep you feeling your best.

"I have been working with Veena for 10 years. She has helped me navigate life's changes through very gentle methods including using herbs, teas, and food as medicine. When your body is working as it should, it makes the rest of life simpler and easier."

- Angela B., White Bear Lake, MN​

Why Book a Seasonal Follow-Up?

Fall to Early Winter

The shift from summer to fall can give us energetic whiplash. While fiery Pitta builds up in warmer months, breezy autumn makes the winds of Vata ungrounding.

As Vata increases, you may become anxious, constipated, and scattered after feeling great all summer. 

Ease into cooler, drier months, support the digestive fire, and bolster your immune system against winter illness with a folllow-up consultation.

Late Winter to Spring

Spring is a time of transformation. Winter’s accumulated Kapha begins to melt, Vata’s movement stirs with gusty spring winds, and warming days ignite fiery Pitta. 


Without a little extra effort to stay balanced, we start feeling gunked up, lethargic, foggy – and, simply, blah.


A follow-up can help you maintain or regain balance as the world shifts dramatically around you.


Summer can flare up fiery Pitta throughout our entire being. As temperatures rise and life gets busier and more intense, we tend to burn up and burn out.


When Pitta increases, you’ll feel it. Inflammation, irritation, and aggravation rule the roost. 


We'll adjust your Ayurveda program to help you keep your cool, mentally and physically – so you can feel your best.

60 Minute Consultation

$150 | 1 Session

30 Minute Consultation

$100 | 1 Session

Can't Make Your Appointment?

Saumya Ayurveda requires 24-hour notice for canceled or rescheduled services. Last-minute no-shows, cancellations will be charged up to $175


Our cancellation policy helps keep us all accountable – but life happens! Please let us know if you have a family emergency, and we’ll do our best to accommodate you.


To cancel or reschedule: become a Site Member and log in on the upper right corner of the website. Go to “My Bookings” to manage your appointments. Thank you for not emailing schedule changes.

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