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Follow Up Consultations

After completing your foundational Ayurveda package, you’ve awakened to the profound potential of this ancient way of living. Ongoing follow-up care helps you maintain dosha balance, sustain your health improvements, and move deeper into your Ayurveda lifestyle. 


Experience the benefits of Ayurveda long-term with our personalized follow-up services. We offer three flexible, affordable options to suit your lifestyle, seasonal needs, and budget.

Saumya's Continuing Journey
Stay Balanced and Deepen Your Ayurvedic Practice

Six Month Package
(6) 60-Minute Follow Ups
Price: $500

Saumya’s Continuing Journey builds on our foundational work together to keep your evolution unfolding with ease. Throughout this six-session package, you’ll receive nurturing guidance and coaching to stay balanced and embody your new Ayurvedic lifestyle to the fullest extent possible.

Each month, we’ll meet for an hour-long consultation to check in on your current plan and expand your Ayurvedic knowledge. We’ll explore fresh seasonal routines, dietary and herbal adjustments, and lifestyle practices–all tuned to your evolving needs.

These regular follow-ups ensure your plan stays aligned with fluctuations in your Ayurvedic doshas. More importantly, they provide consistency and sustained mentorship… the key to profound growth.

Whether your initial package was three, six, or 12 months, this extended immersion empowers you to thrive joyfully on the road ahead. It truly is the key to getting the most from your Ayurvedic journey.

I’m so grateful for your Continuing Journey package. I didn’t want my Ayurveda package to end so this is perfect! The monthly coaching is what I needed; it makes such a difference to have this support. I feel so grounded and that feels great!” - S.L., USA

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Saumya's Seasonal Transitions
Prevent Imbalances with Proactive Seasonal Care

(3) 60-Minute Sessions
Timed with Seasonal Transitions
Price: $375

As the seasons change, so do your body’s needs. Keep your physical, mental, and spiritual health in balance all year round with Saumya’s Seasonal Transitions. This three-session package simplifies seasonal care, ensuring your Ayurvedic plan stays aligned with energetic shifts in your environment. 


In Ayurveda, the doshas have their own seasons. Pitta heats up late winter/early spring, dominating until Vata’s winds rise at summer’s end. As winter brings our busy world to a standstill, dense Kapha energy accumulates to close out the year. Seasonal follow-up care keeps you aligned with the perpetual dance of the doshas, preventing imbalances before they arise. 


With Saumya’s Seasonal Transitions, you’ll book your first session when you purchase the package. We’ll balance your Ayurvedic plan with the current season’s predominant dosha and your existing needs. Then, we’ll schedule your remaining sessions ahead of key seasonal transitions, specific to your doshic profile.

"A follow-up with Veena is like a much-needed tune-up, and every time I remember how optimal I can feel. I look forward to having her by my side for years to come!"

- Lindsay Madhavi Ruder, Texas, USA

Individual Follow-Up Consultations
Focused Ayurvedic Care at Your Convenience

(1) 60-Minute Session
Price: $150

Seeking a single check-in? We offer individual follow-ups, too! These comprehensive consultations are great for keeping the doshas balanced during life and seasonal transitions. Whether you need a brief tune-up or want to address a specific concern, individual sessions provide targeted support when you need it.

"Every time something new comes up, a new challenge, a new life event, whether it's having young children or a job, or a change in family like getting a new animal, Veena has helped me navigate those changes through very gentle methods."

- Angie D., Minnesota, USA


An Once of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure

While your foundational plan took you a long way, it’s important to routinely tweak your program to maintain balance and focus on prevention after resolving your primary health concerns. Whether you book an individual follow-up or a package, we’ll cover a lot of ground in each session:

1. Review Herbal Needs

The herbs you started with are not intended to be used indefinitely. Our approach is to use the fewest herbs, for the shortest amount of time, and get you balanced!


In your herbal check-in, we’ll review your current protocol and tweak your formulas as needed. It might even be time to stop certain herbals. Your protocol is designed to gently and effectively support you.


2. Food Program Review

You’ve already learned Food is Medicine, but our bodies and minds are always changing. In each follow-up session, we check in on how things are progressing and make any food program adjustments needed. 


3. Add to your Ayurvedic Lifestyle Tools

 Once you’ve integrated your foundational plan, it’s time to add to your lifestyle toolkit and expand your Ayurveda knowledge. We’ll explore in-depth aspects we can add to your plan to move you deeper into your healing path.


4. Continue YOUR Evolution

As layers of accumulated stress and toxicity peel away, you’ll feel a sense of greater clarity in what you want from life. In each session, we’ll explore any recent insights–and integrate fresh adjustments to align with your evolving perspective and goals. 

As your Ayurveda lifestyle deepens, you’ll awaken an awareness of the natural rhythms flowing through all of life. An innate ability to sense and harmonize with the perpetual dance of the doshas. A deeper understanding of the exquisite, ever-evolving human YOU were born to be.

A note: follow-up care is particularly essential for clients traversing perimenopause and menopause. This transformative phase of life–which can last decades–is marked by profound hormonal and doshic shifts. Regular follow-ups ensure your Ayurveda program stays aligned with your needs throughout this sacred transition. 

Continuing Journey


(6) 60-Minute Follow-Ups

Seasonal Transition


(3) 60-Minute Follow-Ups



(1) 60-Minute Follow-Up

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Why is follow-up care so important in Ayurveda?

Just like the seasons change, so do our bodies' needs. Ongoing Ayurvedic consultations help you maintain or regain dosha balance, adapt to seasonal changes, address new or evolving health concerns, and build on your initial progress to help you thrive long-term. 


2. When is the best time to book follow-up care?

Anytime is the right time! Our follow-up services are designed to help you maintain balance throughout the year, align with seasonal changes, and catch dosha imbalances before they develop into conditions, syndromes, or diseases. 

Seasonal transitions are ideal for these appointments, but the real benefit lies in routinely preventing imbalances. By addressing potential issues early, you ensure your health stays on track and prevent more serious issues down the road. Prevention is key, and our follow-up care is all about maintaining and enhancing the balance you’ve achieved. 

3. Do I need follow-up care if my initial issues are resolved?

Yes, follow-up consultations are important to maintain your progress and prevent new issues from arising. Ongoing Ayurvedic guidance ensures your doshas remain balanced and your plan stays aligned with changes in your life, environment, and circumstances. 

Follow-up care is also preventative, addressing potential new imbalances before they develop into more serious conditions. By staying proactive, you can continue to enjoy long-term health and well-being.

4. Can follow-up consultations address new health concerns?

Yes, life changes, and so do your health needs. Follow-up consultations allow us to address any new or evolving health concerns promptly and effectively.

5. Can I book follow-up consultations even if I feel fine?

Absolutely! Proactive care is key to long-term wellness. Regular check-ins are beneficial even when you feel fine, as they help you stay balanced, prevent potential issues from developing, and guide you deeper into the rich world of Ayurveda. 

Remember those prevention goals you identified when you filled out the intake form? Follow-up care is ideal for circling back and focusing on prevention after addressing your chief concerns in your initial Ayurveda consultation package. 

6. What happens if I skip follow-up care?

Skipping follow-up consultations can lead to imbalances going unchecked and new issues arising. Often, we may not even notice when the doshas start going out of balance. New symptoms pop up, but we get used to them–until they escalate to something we can’t ignore. 

The longer a dosha is out of balance, the more challenging it is to resolve. Regular check-ins help ensure that your health remains in optimal balance through life and seasonal shifts–and that any emerging concerns and imbalances are addressed before they escalate.

7. How do follow-up consultations help with long-term dosha balance?

Follow-up consultations provide ongoing guidance and adjustments to your Ayurvedic plan to keep your doshas balanced. This helps you sustain your health improvements and enhance your well-being over time. They also ensure that your approach evolves with your changing needs and circumstances.

8. How does Ayurveda address seasonal changes?

Ayurveda recognizes that doshas shift with the seasons, influencing our internal mental and physical balance. Regular consultations help you adapt your diet, lifestyle, and herbal regimen to these changes, preventing seasonal imbalances.

9. Can follow-up care save me money in the long run?

Proactive care is often more cost-effective than reactive care. Investing in regular Ayurvedic follow-ups can prevent dosha imbalances from developing into conditions, syndromes, or diseases. This can potentially save you money on costly treatments in the future. 

10. Are follow-up consultations worth the cost?

Follow-up consultations are an investment in your life, long-term. We offer competitive pricing and package options to fit different budgets, ensuring you receive the care you need without the financial strain. We also offer flexible payment plans for many clients; just book via PayPal to see your options. (We do not determine PayPal options.)

Prevent Seasonal Imbalances with Follow Up Care

Fall to Early Winter

The shift from summer to fall can give us energetic whiplash. While fiery Pitta builds up in warmer months, breezy autumn makes the winds of Vata ungrounding.

As Vata increases, you may become anxious, constipated, and scattered after feeling great all summer. 

Ease into cooler, drier months, support the digestive fire, and bolster your immune system against winter illness with a folllow-up consultation.

Late Winter to Spring

Spring is a time of transformation. Winter’s accumulated Kapha begins to melt, Vata’s movement stirs with gusty spring winds, and warming days ignite fiery Pitta. 


Without a little extra effort to stay balanced, we start feeling gunked up, lethargic, foggy – and, simply, blah.


A follow-up can help you maintain or regain balance as the world shifts dramatically around you.


Summer can flare up fiery Pitta throughout our entire being. As temperatures rise and life gets busier and more intense, we tend to burn up and burn out.


When Pitta increases, you’ll feel it. Inflammation, irritation, and aggravation rule the roost. 


We'll adjust your Ayurveda program to help you keep your cool, mentally and physically – so you can feel your best.

Can't Make Your Appointment?

Saumya Ayurveda requires 24-hour notice for canceled or rescheduled services. Last-minute no-shows, cancellations will be charged up to $175


Our cancellation policy helps keep us all accountable – but life happens! Please let us know if you have a family emergency, and we’ll do our best to accommodate you.


To cancel or reschedule: become a Site Member and log in on the upper right corner of the website. Go to “My Bookings” to manage your appointments. Thank you for not emailing schedule changes.

"Veena's genuinely thoughtful, kind, and sensible approach to managing the forces of seasonal change for our overall health is, like her offerings – pure, fresh, and refreshing.”

- Mary K., Minnesota, USA

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