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Budget Buddy Booking

Ayurveda is for everyone, but we all have different financial circumstances. With Budget Buddy Booking, move through your Ayurvedic plan at a pace and price that works for you. This option includes the same services and support as our comprehensive Ayurvedic packages... while making payments a little more manageable. You're showing up for yourself–it's the least we can do!

New Clients: Start your Ayurvedic journey with a FREE 15-minute consultation, where we'll discuss your goals, concerns, and questions about the process. (This consultation is required–so book yours before purchasing a Budget Buddy service.)

PayPal Installment Plans

In addition to our Budget Buddy Booking option, we offer installment plans via PayPal. This payment method can be used for Budget Buddy services. Simply log into your PayPal account at checkout to see your available payment plans. Saumya Ayurveda does not determine PayPal installment options.

Session One

$250 | 60 Minutes

Intake Consultation + Multi-Point Ayurvedic Assessment

Session Two

$350 | 90 Minutes

Report of Findings

Personalized Ayurveda Plan + Herbal Protocol

Session Three

$100 | 30 Minutes

Follow Up Consultation to

Assess Your Progress + Tweak Your Plan as Needed

Three Steps to Greater Balance

Session 1: Comprehensive Intake (60 Minutes)

Price: $250


Our first session starts with a meaningful chat about your goals, questions, and concerns. We’ll also review your client intake form in-depth and perform a traditional, multi-point Ayurvedic assessment of your tongue, skin, nails, voice, eyes, and other features.


Note: Please email your completed intake form and photos at least 48 hours prior to your first session; this gives Veena time to review your information before you meet.

After we complete your initial intake, Veena will get to work on your foundational Ayurveda plan–which you'll receive in session two. Please allow at least one business week between your first and second session while we curate your custom plan. 


Session 2: Report of Findings & Foundational Ayurveda Plan (90 Minutes)

Price: $350


In our second session, we dive deep–and you'll leave with everything you need to get rolling! First, we’ll review your Ayurvedic Report of Findings–which tells the story of your doshas from conception to today. Watch the light bulbs go off and healing begin as insights and understanding flow in. 


Next, we’ll walk through your custom Ayurveda plan (including a detailed tongue assessment). You’ll learn the foundations of Food as Medicine and receive a personalized food program, daily detox tea, digestive herbal spice mixes, and Ayurveda lifestyle tools–all tailored to you and your life. 

Ayurveda uses herbs to target and support specific tissues, systems, channels, and organs in the body and mind. Your custom herbal protocol will be introduced as part of your foundational Ayurveda plan.

It's our goal to make your Ayurvedic journey as smooth and effective as possible. Unfortunately, the markets for certain herbal items are flooded with inferior products. When you order directly through Saumya Ayurveda or our trusted vendors, you'll know you're getting the best of the best–with concierge delivery right to your door. 

Session 3: Follow-Up Consultations (30 Minutes)

Price: $100

After we establish your foundational Ayurveda plan–the real fun begins! Five to six weeks after your second session, let's check back in to see how things are going. We'll discuss what's working well, what's changed, and what comes next. 

Follow-up consultations are the key to getting the most from your Ayurvedic lifestyle. That's because life is always changing! In these sessions, we'll tweak your custom plan and herbal protocol as needed to best support your goals, current life situation, and seasonal transitions. As you continue on your Ayurvedic journey, we recommend following up three to four times each year. 

Session One
Comprehensive Intake Consultation

$250 | 60 Minutes

Let's get started! In your first session, we'll explore what's going on in your inner and outer worlds–and how Ayurveda can help support your journey to a balanced life.  

Session Two

Report of Findings+
Foundational Plan

$350 | 90 Minutes

It's all about YOU! In this session, we'll review your report of findings and introduce your foundational Ayurvedic plan. This includes a personalized program for food as medicine, herbs, and lifestyle practices. 

Session Three
Follow-Up Consultation

$100 | 30 Minutes

Let's check in! Book a follow-up appointment 5-6 weeks after session two, so we can review your progress and tweak your plan as needed. (We recommend 3-4 per year after that.)  

Can't Make Your Appointment?

Saumya Ayurveda requires 24-hour notice for canceled or rescheduled services. Last-minute no-shows, cancellations, and rescheduled appointments will be charged up to $175 per session. 


Our cancellation policy helps keep us all accountable – but life happens! Please let us know if you have a family emergency, and we’ll do our best to accommodate you.


To cancel or reschedule: become a Site Member and log in on the upper right corner of the website. Go to “My Bookings” to make changes to your scheduled appointment. 

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