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Nasya Oil - Benefits and Guide to Nasya Treatment

Updated: 3 days ago

What is Nasya Oil? Here’s everything you need to know about Ayurvedic Nasya treatment and its benefits

Nasya Oil Benefits and Guide to Nasya Treatment image woman smiling

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As always with our Ayurvedic practice, our focus, intentions and habits center around Prana, the vital life force that enters through the breath. Cleansing breath is the foundation of all health, and the nose, with its passages that lead directly to the brain, our consciousness, is the doorway where Prana enters our bodies.

Just like we sweep and clean the entryway of our home before guests arrive, we should cleanse and nourish our nasal passages to restore and balance our Prana. This offers multitudes of beneficial side effects for our overall health.

In Ayurveda, we use Nasya oil to perform this inner cleansing. Nasya treatment involves applying medicinal herbs, decoctions and oils to our nasal passages to support the sinus, nose, throat, and head. While different substances can be used depending on the ailment, we recommend adding one to your daily routine no matter what: Ayurvedic nose oil, or nasya oil.

Nasal oil in Ayurveda is infused with herbs to balance all Doshas, but especially Vata. This healing therapy involves anointing the nose in order to lubricate the nasal passages, provide subtle moisture to our breath, and nurture the higher cerebral faculties and sensory organs.

Nasya Oil Benefits - What is Nasya Oil Good For?

Nasya oil supports our inner wellbeing and overall health. When you begin regular Nasya treatment, you’ll see the benefits right away. Nasya oil can be used to increase mental function, as a preventative medicine, for better breathing, and for stress relief. Nasya soothes Vata dosha, Pitta dosha and Kapha dosha. What oil is best for you, depends on what is happening.

Nasya Oil Benefits: For Seasonal Transition Support

Lubricating the nostrils with herbalized oil is especially supportive during seasonal transitions. During the shift from one season to the next, Vata, Pitta and Kapha are more in flux leaving us more vulnerable to stress and illnesses. There are many types of nasya oil. Which type of nasya oil is most beneficial depends on one’s prakruti (constitution) and vikruti (current state) as well as location, stage of life and the season.

Nasya Oil Benefits - For Vata, Pitta and Kapha Dosha

For Vata dosha, the correct nasya oil can soothe anxiety, improve sleep, and improve focus.

For Pitta dosha, nasya can cool off that hot headedness and may relief migraines when used as part of a comprehensive Ayurveda treatment plan.

For Kapha dosha, nasya can invigorate and clear out dullness in the mind.

Learn More:

Nasya Oil in a dropper bottle

Which Oil is Best for Nasya?

The beauty and effectivness of Ayurveda lies in its specificity of treatment. When Saumya Ayurveda determines your Prakruti (original constitution) and your Vikruti (current state, symptoms, imblances), then treatment becomes laser focused.

So it is with nasya treatment. Which oil with which herbs will benefit you the most, depends on your what's going on for you individually, your stage of life, your location and of course your symptoms. There are many formula of nasya, however common base oils are sesame and ghee.

Nasya Oil for Improved Focus

Any medication that is administered through the nasal passages will affect the mind. In the case of Nasya oil, that’s exactly what we want. The herb-infused oil will quickly reach your mind to promote concentration, mental clarity and a sharper memory. You’ll even feel that you’re perceiving the world around you more clearly – both consciously and physically, as nasya oil also supports clear vision.


“Saumya Ayurveda has helped me to become reborn. With the help of Veena, I have become more than ADHD. My entire body responds better to stress and relaxation.

Being a molecular scientist, it was difficult to grasp the simplistic complexity of Ayurveda, but the changes I experienced with Veena allowed me, not only a general understanding of health, but sparked a lifelong journey to use my knowledge to advance the acceptance of Ayurveda as a needed modality of health. This is a feat, considering I had difficulty focusing and digestive issues only four short years ago.

Veena’s evaluation and treatment is so individualized that it was easy to adjust my life which spawned health. Veena is a skilled healer with a solution to fit all.”

--Dr. Jessica B., Washington


Your nasya oil treatment really had a strong, positive effect on my life. My mind was racing, and I have been highly stressed for a long time. I did the nasya and suddenly all went quiet. I felt like meditating. Your nasya oil really calmed the mind.” --Anonymous, New Mexico


Nasya Oil as Preventative Herbal Remedy

Since Nasya oil application is a daily practice, it’s benefiting our health constantly, in many different ways. Lubricating your nose helps protect you from the pollen, pollutants, and toxins that live in your environment and can slide through dry pathways inside your nose. Nasya oil can be used to prevent and treat allergies. It can also fend off headaches, earaches, sore throats, and other sinus-related symptoms.

Nasya Oil for Better Breathing

The flow of Prana relies on regular, grounded breathing patterns and clear nasal passageways. When all these align, all the vital organs, tissues, and cells are being nourished directly through the bloodstream. Nasya oil relieves mucus and congestion, clears stagnation and improves breathing for enhanced cerebral circulation, longevity, and vitality. It can even provide much-needed soothing for your vocal cords. Now is a perfect time to check out Learn Diaphragmatic Breathing and Change Your Life and to pair that with our free guided practices.

Nasya Oil for Stress Relief

When your Prana is cleared through your breath, you’ll experience stress and tension melt away in your neck, jaw, head, and shoulders. Any energy that has been blocked will be released, and energy won’t be able to stagnate in these areas. Mental and emotional stress and anxious thoughts contribute to fading health and many unnecessary afflictions. Nasya oil can help balance these energies, so you feel energized and revitalized all day long.


“Veena is highly intelligent, kind, and easy to talk to—our first conversation felt like I had known her for years. Veena remedied several gastro-intestinal issues coupled with anxiety. Highly recommend! -Jade Gagnon, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Nasya Oil - Benefits and Guide to Nasya Treatment  image woman with migraine

Nasya Oil for Migraine Relief

Nasya oil application is a daily practice, and herbalized oil applied to the nostrils is a direct route to soothing and rebalancing doshas in the mind channel. (manovahasrota). Think of it this way. Vata governs movement. Pitta is heat. What does heat do? It rises! When Vata is imbalanced it can push Pitta. In other words, heat goes to the head and migraines are the result. The causes of those doshic imbalances are different for every person, so treatment is customized at Saumya Ayurveda.

woman balancing on rocks

How Do I Know If I Have a Dosha Imbalance?

Peruse these comprehensive and convenient lists of signs and symptoms of dosha imbalances.

Peruse these comprehensive and convenient lists of signs and symptoms of dosha imbalances. As we are comprised of all Vata, Pitta, and Kapha, there can be an imbalance in any of the doshas, or a combination of dosha imbalances. Read all three lists and see if anything looks familiar.


I have suffered from chronic headaches and migraines for as long as I can remember. I had talked to multiple PCPs and specialists about these issues, had been prescribed a variety of medications that helped somewhat, but never really fixed the issue.

Veena promptly put together a plan of action that consisted of herbal remedies alongside some simple changes to my diet. Right away I noticed a significant decrease in the number of headaches I was getting, and when I did get them, they were much less severe than they had been in the past.

I am very thankful for Veena's knowledge and advice and would not hesitate to recommend her services to friends and family alike.” -Adrienne Sobering, Albuquerque, New Mexico


“I was inflamed. I had trouble keeping weight on, I was diagnosed with incurable ulcerative proctitus, my energy was very low, and I was taking medications daily for a skin condition, and I had severe migraines.

Following Veena’s guidance, all of these conditions have been nearly eliminated! The incurable ulcerative proctitus was given a Mayo Clinic Score of 0, normal or inactive disease.

I’m very grateful to Veena for the wonderful results and the healthier quality of life we have attained together. Without reservation, I highly recommend Veena at Saumya Ayurveda.”

---Chris Schirber, Yoga Teacher, Minnesota

Nasya Oil - Benefits and Guide to Nasya Treatment - woman with hair loss

Nasya Oil Benefits for Hair Loss Treatment

Clearly there are many benefits to nasya treatment including increased focus, happier sinuses, improved energy, and migraine relief. In addition to those significant benefits, according to Ayurveda, nasya treatment can prevent hair loss as well as speed up hair growth. Rejuvenation treatments, which includes nasya oil, overall supports health and wellbeing and therefore slows down the again process. According to the Cleveland Clinic, 30 million women in the United States experience significant hair loss, a total of 80 million people are affected in the US.

Can stress cause hair loss? "Yes, stress causes hair loss" according to the Mayo Clinic, in fact, three types of hair loss can be associated with stress levels"

Reduce your stress with our free guided practices.

Saumya Ayurveda's 3 steps for transforming your daily life with image of woman meditating by a lake

There is a saying, "The mind is more in the body, than the body is in the mind." The Saumya 3 step meditation process shifts us from fight-flight-freeze mode, to rest-restore-relax mode. Give it a try for forty days and observe the changes. The more grounded and relaxed we are, the smoother life flows.

"The breath is the connection between the mind and body, so by training the breath, we become calm, focused, and grounded, we slow down the aging process by decreasing stress. These practices are so simple and easy to have as part of our daily life. We actually feel and look younger."

- Veena, Saumya Ayurveda

1. Learn Diaphragmatic Breathing and Change Your Life. When we re-learn to breath diaphragmatically, we move from the flight-fight-freeze mode, to rest, restore, relaxation mode from where we want and need to live.

2. Daily Guided Practices: 11 minutes in the morning and in the evening, as anchors of your daily Ayurveda routine.

"Choose a couple of practices from the routines that provide you with the greatest support. Perform them while applying our two minute meditation technique and your mundane tasks, just transformed into a mellifluous meditation. This is meditation applied to daily life." - Veena, Saumya Ayurveda

Saumya Ayurveda's Two Minute Meditation

"Veena was able to help me regain my energy in just a few months and I’m feeling like my “young” self again! I love the food plan she designed for me, and all the supporting practices (am/pm routines, breathing techniques, herbs, and spice mixes) are so enjoyable to incorporate into my day. I highly recommend Saumya Ayurveda if you want to feel better and have more vitality.”

- Molly Rossini, Minnesota


“All is well here thanks to Veena and my Saumya Ayurveda plan which has been gently integrated in my daily routines. I love to start my day with cooked apples, detox tea and herbs. Your 2-Minute Meditation throughout the day helps a lot as well. Being gentle with myself is such a great help.”

-E.A., North Carolina

Nasya Oil Benefits and Guide to Nasya Treatment image nasya oil

Nasya Treatment for Beginners - How to Use Nasya Oil

The best time to apply a nasya treatment is around the time you brush your teeth – an hour before or after a shower or exercise. Nasal cleansing is simple, easy, and can be done lying down or sitting up.

Explore More About Ayurvedic Oral Care (Danta Shastra in Sanskrit): How To Do Ayurvedic Oil Pulling and Its Many Health Benefits Ayurvedic Tongue Scraping | Why and How?

How to do Nasya Treatment Lying down

  • Lie down on your back and get comfortable, place a small pillow beneath your head if you find you need the support. If you are on a bed, you can hang your head off the edge.

  • Tilt your head back slightly, with our nostrils opening toward the sky.

  • Place 3–5 drops of Nasya oil in each nostril with a circular motion, so all the membranes are fully coated.

  • Sniff hard, then rest for a few minutes to allow the Nasya oil to penetrate.

How to do Nasya Treatment Sitting Up

  • Sit comfortably with the head, neck and spine in alignment.

  • Place one drop of nasya oil on your little finger, and gently insert it into your nostril, or a few drops from the dropper if using a dropper bottle. Hold the dropper outside the nostril opening and gently release a few drops of nasya oil into each nostril.

  • Sniff up.

  • Massage the inner walls of your nasal passage so all the membranes are fully coated.

  • Alternate between your left and right nostril until each has received three applications of nasya oil.

Nasya Oil Benefits and Guide to Nasya Treatment image woman gardening

How Often Should You Use Nasya Oil?

In Ayurveda, the correct lifestyle choices - including Ayurvedic diet, yog-asana, and even nasya treatment - depend on the individual. But in most cases, nasya oil can be used as part of a nourishing daily routine.

What is an Ayurvedic Morning Routine? Here’s everything you need to know about how to build and benefit from an Ayurvedic Morning Routine:

When Should You NOT Use Nasya Oil?

While Nasya oil treatment is generally safe, there are a few important contraindications. You should NOT use Nasya oil:

  • If you have an active fever

  • If you are experiencing an acute illness

  • Before eating or drinking

  • Before taking a shower

  • If you are currently pregnant

  • If you’ve recently given birth

  • During menstruation

  • If you experience dyspnea, COPD, or asthma

  • If you are younger than seven or older than 80

desk with notepad saying client testimonials

Your nasya oil really had a strong, positive effect on my life. My mind was racing, and I have been highly stressed for a long time. I did the nasya and suddenly all went quiet. I felt like meditating. Your nasya oil really calmed the mind.”

-S.L., USA


"The nasya drops are keeping me healthy! So far, no allergy symptoms this spring and I did not catch the cold my husband had!”

-K.K. Minnesota

Nasya Oil - Benefits and Guide to Nasya Treatment  image antique compass and map

Discover the Saumya Ayurveda Way

We all want to be heard, understood, and cared for as whole beings, not a set of isolated symptoms. True health is more than the absence of disease, which is why Western medicine so often leaves us feeling hopeless and unseen.

Deep down, you already know what you’re searching for: a new framework for living – one that brings your entire being back into balance. With Saumya Ayurveda, you’ll receive individualized guidance to create the physically, mentally, and spiritually vibrant life you crave.

Saumya Ayurveda provides concierge, top-notch, award-winning Ayurveda care. We strive to keep it simple, so you can focus on you! Opt for virtual consultations and we'll come to you.

Our practice model is client focused, we’re not in the retail herb business. We’ll guide you where to order herbs directly online. Our top-shelf Ayurveda oils and herbalized ghees are the best in the land and we’ll ship your care package right to your doorstep.

Our effective multi-appointment consultation packages provide you with experienced Ayurveda care, enthusiastic guidance, and inspiring support.

Explore our personalized services and book your FREE discovery call today. Psst! Our clients say it best – so read and watch our client's stories

image Veena at Saumya Ayurveda

Veena is a Certified Ayurvedic Practitioner and meditation teacher, and monk.

She is President Emeritus and teaching faculty of the Meditation Center.

Veena fell in love with the traditional medicine used in her family’s home, learning herbal remedies at her grandmother's knee.

These childhood experiences were the seeds of a lifelong passion. For over 30 years, Veena has dedicated her life to the world’s oldest healing system: Ayurveda.

She draws on this ancient wisdom to help others find their compass to a healthy life – and support those left wanting by Western medicine.

An experienced Certified Ayurvedic Practitioner, Veena’s deep, intuitive knowledge of Ayurveda empowers her clients to reclaim their fullest, most vibrant lives –mentally, physically, and spiritually. Veena individualizes treatment plans to each person, rather than offering a one-size-fits-all approach, so it fits your life and becomes woven in your lifestyle, naturally.

image of Vata and Kapha the Saumya Ayurveda dogs

Kapha (tongue hanging out) and Vata are the newest members of the Saumya pack.

They are our enthusiastic greeters, but as you can see, they like to spend their time with their noses to the ground.

Their favorite way to use ghee as an Ayurveda treatment is to eat it! Shiny coats, big smiles, and excellent digestive health.

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