Client stories: Liver health

Updated: Feb 5

See how Ayurvedic practice has helped Veena's clients with liver-related issues.

"A year ago, after some lab tests, I was told I had an 'abnormal liver'.

My mother died young from liver disease.

[But] Veena’s recommendations turned things around in less than six months, lab results in the 'normal' range.

This testifies to my longstanding mantra: In Veena I Trust."

Don Freeman
Managing Editor, Hazelden Betty Ford

"I had been chronically tired for a few months and I couldn’t figure out why or how to fix it.

I have also been feeling increased anxiety despite taking an SSRI for years.

The plan was easy to follow and I experienced almost immediate results. I felt like a different person. Life-long digestive issues disappeared. As a recovering alcoholic, the liver cleanse Veena suggested was effective and easy to do.

It felt good to take some tangible steps to support an organ that had taken such a beating for so many years. Veena’s Ayurveda approach has led to wonderfully positive changes in a short time. I look forward to continued Ayurveda care with Veena.

Stephanie M.

To find out how Veena can help you with your liver health, book a free consultation!

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