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Sip Your Way to Balance: Dosha-Balancing Summer Mocktail Recipes

Updated: Jun 20

Ayurveda Mocktails

Welcome to a refreshing journey towards balance and harmony with our delightful dosha-balancing summer mocktail recipes. In the vibrant tapestry of Ayurvedic principles, finding equilibrium within your mind, body, and spirit is key, and what better way to do so than with a glass of cooling and nourishing mocktail tailored to your dosha type?

Understanding Your Dosha

In Ayurveda, the ancient Indian system of holistic healing, doshas are elemental forces that govern our physical, mental, and emotional characteristics. There are three main doshas: Vata, Pitta, and Kapha, each representing a unique combination of the elements -- air, fire, water, earth, and space. By understanding your dominant dosha, you can align your lifestyle, including your diet, to promote balance and well-being.

Pitta Cooling Ayurveda Mocktails


  • 1 cup fresh mint leaves

  • 1/2 cup coconut water

  • 1/4 cup lime juice

  • 1 tbsp honey


  • In a blender, combine mint leaves, coconut water, lime juice, and honey.

  • Blend until smooth.

  • Pour into a glass.

  • Garnish with a mint sprig.

  • Enjoy the cooling sensation of this hydrating mocktail!


  • 1/2 cup aloe vera juice

  • 1/4 cup cucumber juice

  • 1/4 cup watermelon juice

  • Fresh basil leaves


  • Mix aloe vera, cucumber, and watermelon juices in a glass.

  • Add fresh basil leaves.

  • Stir well.

  • Sip on this rejuvenating elixir to calm your fiery pitta nature.

Ayurveda Mocktail

Customizing Your Mocktail Experience

Feel free to experiment with different ingredients and flavors to suit your dosha and taste preferences. For Vata individuals, opt for grounding elements like ginger and cinnamon. Kapha types may benefit from invigorating spices such as ginger and cinnamon. Embrace the art of mixology and create mocktails that resonate with your unique doshic blend.

Embracing Balance, One Sip at a Time

As you indulge in these dosha-balancing summer mocktails, take a moment to savor the harmony they bring to your mind, body, and spirit. Allow the cooling properties of these refreshing beverages to soothe your pitta imbalances and uplift your overall well-being. Cheers to a summer filled with balance, vitality, and the healing power of Ayurveda!

Ayurveda Mocktail


With our dosha-balancing summer mocktail recipes, you can embark on a flavorful journey towards equilibrium and vitality. Step into the world of Ayurveda and discover the joy of crafting beverages that not only tantalize your taste buds but also nurture your dosha-specific needs. Embrace the essence of Ayurvedic wisdom in every sip and let the harmony of nature guide you towards a balanced and blissful summer experience. Cheers to wellness, balance, and the art of dosha-balancing mocktails!

Saumya Ayurveda's 3 steps for transforming your daily life image of woman meditating by a  lake

Healthy Digestion Begins in the Mind.

When we eat and drink, it's important to have a calm state of mind. Have you ever eaten when you were upset? Indigestion city. When we're calm, we taste the food, digest, assimilate, and eliminate optimally. Digestion begins in the mind before you take your first sip of bite!

There is a saying, "The mind is more in the body, than the body is in the mind." The Saumya 3 step meditation process shifts us from fight-flight-freeze mode, to rest-restore-relax mode. Give it a try for forty days and observe the changes. The more grounded and relaxed we are, the smoother life flows.

"The breath is the connection between the mind and body, so by training the breath, we become calm, focused, and grounded, we slow down the aging process by decreasing stress. These practices are so simple and easy to have as part of our daily life. We actually feel and look younger."

- Veena, Saumya Ayurveda

1. Learn Diaphragmatic Breathing and Change Your Life. When we re-learn to breath diaphragmatically, we move from the flight-fight-freeze mode, to rest, restore, relaxation mode from where we want and need to live.

2. Free Daily Guided Practices: 11 minutes in the morning and in the evening, as anchors of your daily Ayurveda routine.

"Choose a couple of practices from the routines that provide you with the greatest support. Perform them while applying our two minute meditation technique and your mundane tasks, just transformed into a mellifluous meditation. This is meditation applied to daily life." - Veena, Saumya Ayurveda

"Veena was able to help me regain my energy in just a few months and I’m feeling like my “young” self again! I love the food plan she designed for me, and all the supporting practices (am/pm routines, breathing techniques, herbs, and spice mixes) are so enjoyable to incorporate into my day. I highly recommend Saumya Ayurveda if you want to feel better and have more vitality.”

-Molly Rossini, Minnesota

Sip Your Way to Balance: Dosha-Balancing Summer Mocktail Recipes

person drinking an Ayurveda mocktail

Discover the Saumya Ayurveda Way

When we gain clarity about what to eat, we can cook and eat with confidence knowing we are turning our food into medicine and with Saumya Ayurveda, you'll know what to do.

We all want to be heard, understood, and cared for as whole beings, not a set of isolated symptoms. True health is more than the absence of disease, which is why Western medicine so often leaves us feeling hopeless and unseen.

Deep down, you already know what you’re searching for: a new framework for living – one that brings your entire being back into balance. With Saumya Ayurveda, you’ll receive individualized guidance to create the physically, mentally, and spiritually vibrant life you crave.

Saumya Ayurveda provides concierge, top-notch, award-winning Ayurveda care. We strive to keep it simple, so you can focus on you! Opt for virtual consultations and we'll come to you.

Our practice model is client focused, we’re not in the retail herb business. We’ll guide you where to order herbs directly online. Our top-shelf Ayurveda oils and herbalized ghees are the best in the land and we’ll ship your care package right to your doorstep.

Our effective multi-appointment consultation packages provide you with experienced Ayurveda care, enthusiastic guidance, and inspiring support.

Explore our personalized services and book your FREE discovery call today. Psst! Our clients say it best – so read and watch our client's stories.

Veena at Saumya Ayurveda

Veena is a Certified Ayurvedic Practitioner and meditation teacher, and monk.

She is President Emeritus and teaching faculty of the Meditation Center.

Veena fell in love with the traditional medicine used in her family’s home, learning herbal remedies at her grandmother's knee.

These childhood experiences were the seeds of a lifelong passion. For over 30 years, Veena has dedicated her life to the world’s oldest healing system: Ayurveda.

She draws on this ancient wisdom to help others find their compass to a healthy life – and support those left wanting by Western medicine.

An experienced Certified Ayurvedic Practitioner, Veena’s deep, intuitive knowledge of Ayurveda empowers her clients to reclaim their fullest, most vibrant lives –mentally, physically, and spiritually. Veena individualizes treatment plans to each person, rather than offering a one-size-fits-all approach, so it fits your life and becomes woven in your lifestyle, naturally.


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