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Painful cramps, bloating, acne, hot flashes, sleep issues... the list goes on and on. Disruptive menstrual issues can start as soon as our first period and continue well into menopause. But it doesn't have to be this way.


Imagine a cycle free of drama. It shows up on time and has minimal impact on your daily life. You feel like yourself – cool, calm, and collected all month long. As you get older and your period slows, you feel a sense of deepening spiritual-richness and self-love. Sure, your body is changing, but you're only getting better as you go!


When our cycle is balanced, we feel our best, we feel confident, we feel cool. We ARE cool. Sound nice, right? No matter your age, Ayurveda's ancient wisdom can help you get there.


"How to Keep Your Cool" is an invitation to transform your menstrual cycle – and, while you're at it, transform your life. Discover what's really at the root of common menstrual issues and learn simple, time-tested Ayurvedic tools to restore balance and find relief. 


Page-by-page, you'll uncover your unique path to a calm and centered life... and find relief from menstrual suffering along the way. Let's dive in!


How to Keep Your Cool: Ayurveda for Menses to Menopause

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