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Events with Our International Teaching Staff

Continue bolstering your mental, physical and spiritual wellness with our Founder-Hosted Events.


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Yoga and Ayurveda are sister sciences. Ayurveda is often thought of as a natural system of medicine and yet, as comprehensive as that is, it is one point on the vast Ayurveda spiritual path, known as the 'knowledge of life.' Herbs are sacred, meditation too. Explore more of what Saumya Ayurveda is all about. 

Our 2022 Theme: Spirituality Applied.

Learn to create a state of equanimity in each moment and each area of your life. Yoga begins when we leave the mat and meditation cushion.


Please register online at least 13 hours in advance of the event. This allows you to book online and pay directly. Greatly appreciated. If you are booking the day of the event, registrations are WARMLY welcomed, but need to be manually registered. Simply email, or go to CONTACT US and you will be registered. Provide your first and last name and email address. Thanks!

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.

Elise vanWeisternen, Seattle, Washington

Randall Krause, Yoga-Meditation Instructor
Los Angeles, California

Joshua Nelson, Minnetonka, Minnesota

"Veena was thoughtful, supportive

and knowledgeable and it was
s really easy to talk to her about everything. 
Many of the practices suggested were new to me, but Veena has a way of encouraging people so that it doesn't feel overwhelming or impossible. I highly recommend her services for anyone looking to address any imbalance in their life, big or little.”

"Recently I’ve had the pleasure of working with Veena on some major health issues. She's heard what I said and seemed to really feel what was going on in my body. Because of these things, she knew what I was going through and could guide my life-choices and provide the right Ayurvedic remedies. Over the past few months, I've made significant progress. Not only am I planning on continuing with Veena, but I can wholeheartedly recommend her to my relatives, friends, and colleagues."

“I was recently diagnosed with kidney disease. I was overwhelmed with even how to go about the process of healing. I am opening bill after bill with no information from the doctors other than to say—go see another doctor.

I reached out to Veena and from day 1, she has guided me through this ordeal. She is the real deal, present and active in the process with me. She truly serves humanity.”

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