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Meditative Mosaics

Explore the connection between art and spirituality through Meditative Mosaics. Two hour classes meet 4 times - Dates to be arranged.

Since the dawn of civilization human beings have expressed their life experiences in art. Art is the result of inspiration and inspiration has its basis in spirituality. When art and spirituality merge, they allow us to express ourselves as crafts-women and as philosophers.  

As we quiet our minds and move from do-ing to Be-ing, each moment of our artistic creation has the potential to be spiritually infused.  

Each class begins with a brief guided relaxation. 

In this class you will learn the entire process from design through grouting. I will teach you how to use nippers to cut and shape ceramic and glass tesserae, how to set shards, and tricks of the trades. An added bonus, you will also learn basic glass cutting skills—useful for stained glass work! 

My classes are suitable for both the absolute beginner and continuing students. 

Project Requirements: Projects should be of a size to finish the tesserae process in the first three classes. The fourth class is reserved for grouting.  

Project Suggestions: 10 inch terra cotta pot, 16-24 inch table round, 10x18/16x20 wood with mirror inset, small window, sculpture, etc.  Please contact me to discuss your project idea at time of registration. Students need to arrive at the first class with a clear project plan and surface for mosaic-ing.

Students are encouraged to bring materials for tesserae such as chipped dishes, vases, or to purchased recycled glass and pottery products from local re-use stores such as the Goodwill. 

Cost: $100 includes instruction, basic glass, use of studio tools and project storage during class. (Students may be charged additional material fee based on glass selection.)  * Payment in full is due first day of class. 

To register, please email me at  Four student minimum required. Invite your friends to this time of reflection, exploration and creative expression. Start your week off from a new place.

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